Oh, hey! We’ve made some updates to make indoor dining safer for you - especially with the colder months hitting us soon.
  1. All locations have had ionizers installed to make the air you breath as clean as possible.
  2. We will also be temperature checking all guests before they can come inside and dine with us.
  3. Again, we know, it’s a strange world we’re currently living in and we’re all trying to make it as safe, fun, and accessible as possible. We can’t thank you enough for your understanding.
Oh, hey! Our dine-in reopened Wednesday, September 16!
  1. We are adhering to CDC/Local Health Department guidelines - click for details.
  2. We ask that you properly wear a mask over your mouth/nose at all times until we take your order, deliver your food/drinks + when you are not seated at your table.
  3. Also be sure to join our waitlist to save yourself some time!

Want to join us for dine-in?

Click here to join our waitlist so you can grab a table.

Once you arrive at our restaurant, check in with us + we’ll text you when your table is ready.

Oh, hey! Our patios at all four locations are OPEN!
  1. We are offering full service on our patios!
  2. All tables will be wiped down and sanitized between each customer.
  3. All of our tables have been spaced out for safe social distance from others.
  4. We will be requiring all customers to wear a mask and be temperature checked before going inside our restaurants.

4-6 person Family Meal: $49.99

  1. 2 lbs of meat (16 oz each or full rack - chicken, pork, brisket or ribs)
  2. 2 quart sides - fries, pit beans, potato salad, coleslaw, white cheddar mac, green bean salad, sweet potato chips, creamed corn, brisket chili, seasonal side
  3. 1 pack Hawaiian rolls
  4. Assorted sauces

DELIVERY + CARRYOUT until 8PM every night.

  1. If ordering CARRYOUT, we will place your items in a designated pick up zone.
  2. We are also offering delivery.
  3. All delivery + carryout orders placed on our website help keep staff employed during this difficult time. We thank you for your support.
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Food, drink, kids + gluten-free options.



Quick + easy ordering.


We offer a full range of customized catering packages to fit your needs.

I’m sorry. I’m sorry.
Meet Jake, our Delmar GM. This super casual pose h Meet Jake, our Delmar GM. This super casual pose he’s adopted here shows you that he is a swell, easy-going guy and you should go say hi to him. It’s the hand on the hip. When asked what dish he would want to be named after (any dish at all—any in the world), he said “B.L.T. with smoked chicken and avocado.” Which we think is a bold choice but we’re here for it.⁠
Brisket is life. Brisket is life.
Meet our St. Charles manager, Zach. Zach is full o Meet our St. Charles manager, Zach. Zach is full of wise, wise wisdom and pro tips. Case-in-point? His pro-tip is to mix equal parts Mustarolina sauce and My Sweet Bestie, so you end up with (in his words) “this incredibly complex smokey/honey mustard-style sauce that is absolutely amazing on our pork sandwich.” ⁠
You heard the man. Get going and get that delicious sauce combo. ⁠
Mentally I'm here. Mentally I'm here.
John, our Hampton manager, celebrated his 3 year a John, our Hampton manager, celebrated his 3 year anni (that's an abbreviation of anniversary because we're cool and hip) at Salt + Smoke last month! When asked what S+S sauce he would be, he said (without hesitation or blinking his eyes—scary, I tell ya) he would be I Can't Even "because I like to keep things spicy." ⁠
It's true. He's a very spicy boi.⁠
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